Console and AWS: A Partnership Built on Direct Connections

By Kevin Baker November 22, 2016

AWS CloudThe enterprise world is increasingly moving in a cloud-first direction. On its own, this trend is absolutely a positive step forward. But, the fact that it’s happening over a public, unsecure, unreliable Internet should concern everyone. Leaving business-critical traffic and apps vulnerable to potential attacks is a risk that today’s enterprises should not and cannot take. With direct connections, they don’t have to.

In order to provide enterprises and SaaS providers around the world with easy-to-implement, cost-efficient direct connections, Console has always strived to form lasting, valuable relationships with cloud services. We work with the world’s leading cloud-computing providers, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), to facilitate secure, reliable, high-performance network connections between enterprises and their mission-critical partners.

Enterprises look to vendors like AWS for scalable and reliable cloud services. As more businesses migrate to cloud or hybrid-cloud strategies, platforms like AWS offer the path to more intuitive computing and storage capabilities. AWS’ worldwide reach – with dozens of availability zones across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific – offers widespread access and connectivity.

But, the cloud can’t do it alone. Console’s partnership with AWS enables enterprises working through Amazon’s cloud service to directly connect with their essential partners and each other, for a network built on a bedrock of security, reliability, visibility and control.

How Console Works With AWS

  • Console facilitates direct connections, with speeds ranging between 50Mb and 10Gb, to any of AWS’ regions or availability zones.
  • These connections are established outside of the public Internet, circumventing any of its security, reliability or performance issues.
  • The connections are fully automated, eliminating the complexity and cost that’s usually associated with direct connection configurations.
  • Enterprises can use the Console platform to monitor direct connection performance, enabling them to dial bandwidth up and down depending on their needs.

In addition to the benefits of direct connections, AWS users that connect through Console are also given access to the wide variety of other enterprises, SaaS providers and cloud vendors that are interconnected through Console’s digital ecosystem.

The cloud is key to the future of the enterprise, but connecting to the cloud over the public Internet is not the answer. Console cultivates those cloud connections with AWS while ensuring you’re taking the inherent risks of the Internet out of the equation.

Console is a Bronze-level sponsor for the annual AWS re:Invent. If you’re an AWS user and want to learn more about how Console can facilitate easy-to-manage direct connections of your own, come meet with us at this year’s show. You can find us at booth #2345.

Console is a single-click global interconnection platform, building direct connections between enterprises, SaaS providers and cloud platforms. With 170 POPs in 20 countries, Console has enabled direct connect services and 110Gb of port capacity to AWS customers throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific and, as of January 2017, Canada. Check out the Console platform here, or sign up for a free trial today.


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