Console is Now an AWS Standard Technology Partner – Here’s What That Means

By Brad Mandell November 29, 2016

Console is Now an AWS Standard Technology Partner – Here’s What That MeansConsole is at booth #2345 at AWS re:Invent this week, and we unveiled some exciting news yesterday: we are now an official Standard Technology Partner of AWS!

For years, AWS has been one of Console’s most valuable cloud partners. We’ve worked with them to provide: enterprise direct connections, all around the world, with bandwidth speeds ranging from 50Mb to 10Gb; connection speed monitoring, so that AWS customers can dial their bandwidth up or down at their choosing; and, an opportunity for AWS users to connect to the myriad of enterprises, SaaS providers and cloud vendors already interconnected through the Console platform’s digital ecosystem. It has been a strong partnership, built on security, visibility and performance reliability for our customers, and we’re looking forward to taking it to the next level.

But, what does that next level really mean? How is Console’s relationship with AWS changing?

Previously, Console was a Registered Technology Partner with AWS. This week, we announced that we are now a Standard Technology Partner. On the surface, that doesn’t sound like a very profound change – but here’s why it marks a significant step forward for us both.

For one, the AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology tiers are determined by product status, customer engagements and the overall business investment in AWS. In other words, moving up the APN ranks means needing to prove that Console is providing real, lasting value to AWS Direct Connect users. And, that’s exactly what we did: we grew our AWS practice and provided 110Gb worth of direct connect port capacity to AWS Direct Connect customers, at 170 PoPs around the world. Because so many AWS users benefitted from using Console’s platform to direct connect with AWS, our partnership level rose.

Of course, this isn’t just good news for AWS users, there’s an added benefit for Console, too. By moving up from Registered to Standard Technology Partner, Console will be positioned to use additional APN benefits that weren’t available to us at the Registered level. Those benefits will help us to increase the visibility of our global interconnection platform to more AWS users and other customers, bringing more enterprises and SaaS providers into our digital ecosystem.

Additionally, this new partnership level enables us to bring our open source technology, CloudRouter, to the AWS marketplace, for sale to AWS customers.

As a Standard Technology Partner, Console will continue to elevate the direct connect experience for AWS users, ensuring that all of our customers are receiving the same secure, reliable, visible and high-performance networking experiences they’ve come to know and expect, from both us and AWS.

If you’d like to learn more about our new AWS Partner status, or have other questions about how Console works with AWS, come find us at AWS re:Invent this week. Console is a Bronze sponsor of this year’s show, and will be available at booth #2345.

Console is a single-click global interconnection platform, building direct connection ecosystems between enterprises, SaaS providers and cloud services in 170 PoPs across 20 countries. Check out the platform for yourself, or sign up for a free trial today.

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