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SDN’s Place in Smart Cities

By Jay Turner

Seoul, South Korea’s “Global Digital Seoul 2020” initiative is a four-year plan to deploy enough free WiFi to cover the entire city, and that includes buses and trains. The free WiFi portion of this initiative is actually scheduled to be completed by 2017, but the overall plan extends well beyond WiFi. Seoul is planning to be a leader in smart city technology, which includes projects like real-time parking availability. LinkNYC, our country’s best-known city-wide WiFi project, doesn’t have goals as ambitious as Seoul’s project, but it’s still a mammoth. LinkNYC aims to have 7,500 WiFi kiosks installed across the city, which will provide gigabit Internet (and free phone calls) to anyone who wants it. The speeds aren’t 5G, the range…

The State of SDN – Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

By Jay Turner

The notion that we’re on the edge of widespread SDN (software-defined networking) adoption has been rumored for years, now. It seems there’s always a new report on when SDN will catch on and how big of a success it will be. While these reports are usually over optimistic, they have me thinking about when the tipping point of SDN will be reached – when the momentum and notoriety the SDN movement is gaining will finally pass the threshold separating isolated experimentation from widespread adoption. There have been innumerable reports predicting that SDN adoption is inevitable and will be inextricably integrated with the future of networking. IDC published a study of the SDN market earlier this year and predicted a 53.9%…

SDN and IoT Security

By Jay Turner

If we split IoT devices into 3 tiers, the highest would consist of well-protected devices, like laptops, that are complex machines with plenty of security software. The middle tier would be made of occasional use, moderate-complexity devices like thermostats, TVs, and refrigerators. Then we have the lowest tier.

SDN Security – Challenges, Benefits, and Strategies

By Jay Turner

As software-defined networking continues to increase in popularity as a flexible and dynamic approach to networking, it’s going to need a flexible and dynamic approach to security, as well. SDN forces security solutions to be proactive, protean, and responsive. 

CloudRouter 4.0 Slashes SDN App Development Time with

By Craig Oda

I’ve been working with IP networking gear for 25 years. In the early years, the new gear really got me excited. Although I’ve moved away from hands-on deployment, I’m still fascinated by the changes in the industry. The improvements in speed and bandwidth made things possible that were impossible before and have opened up a whole ranges of new business opportunities. Over the years, I became tired of hearing only about bigger and faster network gear. I largely lost interest until I heard about SDN. Unfortunately, the rate of SDN deployments wasn’t the tidal wave of change I had hoped for. Gear was often expensive and people really didn’t want to rip and replace their network architecture. White box and…

Introducing The Project

By Jesse Casman

Virtual switches are critical not only to connecting VMs to the network, but also because Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) means that appliances will be running in KVM hypervisors on Linux. The project (short for “Fast data – Input/Output” and often pronouced as “fido”), was originally undertaken by Cisco and is now a collaborative project under the Linux Foundation.

Bypassing the Public Internet for Security and Performance

By Jay Turner

Cloud application services are projected to grow to a $37B market this year as vendors continue to transition their services to the cloud. The move away from legacy infrastructure is widespread – traditional storage is too slow and too expensive to meet current expectations. And what are the expectations? Speed, flexibility, security, and reliability. It’s a lot to ask, but current innovations are ready to answer.

Open Source CloudRouter is the Future of Networking

By Jay Turner

Packet Pushers had Jay Turner on their podcast to discuss the CloudRouter Project – what it is, where it’s going, and what you can expect in the future. Jay is the CloudRouter Project Lead and Senior Director of DevOps at Console. You can listen to the full podcast on their site. Here are some excerpts from the discussion: