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Is there Static in the Cloud? – Part 1

By William B. Norton

Dr.Peering in the Cloud I wanted to compare the connectivity within the clouds to the connectivity into the clouds, so I deployed about 20 VMS across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and had them ping each other.  I was expecting a completely green matrix, one that showed flawless connectivity between the major cloud providers, but then something else happened (see matrix below). On the left axis are my agent regions, and across the top are the agent regions that they are pinging. It is tiny, but the numbers in each cell of the table are median latency measures. The coloring of the cells reflects deviation from the median. Red means that there have been measures today that deviate 50% from the median!…

Cloud Interconnection Models

By William B. Norton

The Internet is evolving into two hemispheres: the Public Internet and the Private Internet. The public Internet is the shared best-effort packet delivery vehicle that we all know and love. The private Internet is attached to the side of the public Internet, and consists of dedicated private (not-shared) connections between entities. The private connection is architectural; you set it and forget it. The routing algorithms automatically flow traffic along the shortest path. Why does this Public-Private Internet distinction matter? Public Internet traffic is intermingled with others Internet traffic. This has some very important implications. First, the good news. Shared resources can lead to economies of scale and aggregation efficiencies. By aggregation efficiencies I mean that the peaks in one flow may be offset…