Solving hybrid cloud with CloudNexus

By Blake Gillman July 11, 2017

Cloud adoption continues to be on the rise for a growing number of enterprise organizations, with business/data analytics and data storage/data management leading the way. As the enterprise carries on with implementing and growing cloud adoption strategies and defining cloud architectures, concerns about where data is stored, cloud security and vendor lock-in stand out as the top three challenges these organizations must face.

Tracing the origins of hybrid cloud

Initially, the enterprise shifted applications to the public cloud in order to transition from a capital expenditures (CAPEX) model to an operating expenses (OPEX) model. This gave the enterprise the advantage of outsourcing expensive compute and storage solutions while, at the same time, implementing a modern architecture for quickly deploying applications and services. As the cloud adoption strategy continues to evolve, the enterprise has also adopted private and third-party cloud solutions to round out their overall cloud architecture. From that need, hybrid cloud was born.

Hybrid cloud architectures are projected to be a fundamental solution as a larger percentage of enterprises move toward an entirely cloud-based strategy over the coming months. The advantages of this approach include removing vendor lock-in, giving the enterprise the flexibility to utilize the most cost-effective provider based on usage rates and ensuring robust security by keeping sensitive data safely on premise.

Meeting the challenge of hybrid cloud with CloudNexus

The challenge that the enterprise faces with hybrid cloud models, though, is leveraging legacy internet-based technologies. That is, until now.

CloudNexus: Hybrid cloud – solved!

Console Connect CloudNexus provides the enterprise with the ability to seamlessly manage their hybrid-cloud environment. It’s the first of its kind, a fully automated cloud-to-cloud direct connection solution for the enterprise. CloudNexus lets you create private, secure direct connections in minutes. This facilitates any-to-any connectivity between your clouds and increased flexibility in both your business connectivity and your cloud provider management, all while still removing vendor lock-in, enabling you to choose which cloud provider fits your economic model based on usage rates and improving security through private infrastructure with customer traffic isolation. Additionally, enterprises can empower their hybrid-cloud connectivity solution with CloudNexus in order to optimize the data path for inter-cloud communications, ultimately providing high-performance connectivity.

With CloudNexus, you get your clouds, your way. For a firsthand look at how our solution can spin up private, reliable direct connections between public and private clouds, try out a free 30-day trial.


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