CloudNexus: the multi-cloud strategy enabler!

By Blake Gillman May 24, 2017

As enterprise cloud adoption continues at a rapid pace, defining a multi-cloud strategy is a key tenet for a growing number of IT organizations today. We’re seeing a progression as enterprises are focusing on moving business-critical applications to the cloud, driving the requirement for an integrated solution that encompasses multiple cloud providers. This strategy distributes the workload, leverages diverse infrastructure and diversifies these business-critical applications across multiple clouds.

Early cloud adoption drove connectivity from the enterprise to the cloud, enabled by solutions such as AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute. The enterprise-to-cloud model, or “hub and spoke” design, brings challenges to the multi-cloud strategy, specifically as it relates to application latency, due to “hair pinning of traffic” through the enterprise infrastructure for cloud-to-cloud connectivity.

Other models for cloud-to-cloud connectivity require overlay architectures that utilize the public cloud internet gateways, which bring higher costs from data egress charges. Implementing a multi-cloud strategy is complex and requires end-to-end automation for both layer 2 and layer 3 to deliver a turnkey solution.

CloudNexus truly enables workload mobility and low latency direct interconnection, via an optimized data path, between multiple cloud regions and cloud providers. With CloudNexus, we’ve enabled an unprecedented level of flexibility for the enterprise to achieve a multi-vendor public cloud architecture.

CloudNexus: the multi-cloud strategy enabler!

CloudNexus FAQs from ITW 2017

Console changed the game with the announcement of CloudNexus at ITW last week.

Here are a few questions we received by those who visited the Console Connect booth to learn more about CloudNexus at ITW.

Q: Do cloud exchange providers offer similar functionality?

A: No, cloud exchange providers are limited to a given metro or campus network. Console operates a global network, present in 170+ data centers globally.

Q: How does Console enable CloudNexus?

A: CloudNexus is enabled by layer 2 API integration with cloud service providers and layer 3 virtual routing technology developed by Console.

Q: Can I interconnect between multiple regions of a single cloud provider?

A: Yes, CloudNexus enables direct interconnection between the same or diverse cloud regions and providers.

Q: Are there cost savings when using CloudNexus?

A: Yes. When you enable CloudNexus, you will realize a cost savings vs. using the public internet to connect to cloud providers.

Q: Is my data traffic isolated when using CloudNexus?

A: Yes, CloudNexus isolates customer data traffic on a per customer, per service basis.

Check out demos of CloudNexus, and sign up for a free, 30-day trial with the Console Platform today to try it for yourself.

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