Taking a cue from Elon Musk on bypassing a congested public Internet

By Greg Schwimer July 19, 2017

Earlier this year Elon Musk announced his latest project, The Boring Company. With this new venture, he sets out to solve a seemingly impossible problem: Expose a faster path between point A and point B in Los Angeles by boring tunnels underground to get around the commonly congested roadways overhead. I guess all of this was brought about by a bad in day LA in traffic for Elon.

Taking a cue from Elon Musk on bypassing a congested public InternetCertainly, Musk is not the first to come up with such an idea for transportation efficiency. Bypass tunnels and HOV lanes generally have the same goals, and both have been around for a long time. Recently apps like Waze have come about, allowing for the use of real-time information about traffic congestion to divert travelers to alternate paths with the goal of getting them to their destination more quickly. These efficiencies have their limits though – you can only move so much traffic through a limited physical area so fast without either: a) adding more capacity, or b) avoiding the congestion outright. Backup paths, alternate routes and so on may or may not help you. This is the basic premise behind The Boring Company: To build a new path that avoids the congestion and bypasses it altogether.

The public Internet’s congestion problem

Internet infrastructure is not excluded from similar congestion problems, and they are happening all day, every day and everywhere. These congestion events affect Internet users and businesses across the world. The latter is particularly affected through a loss of productivity, impacted sales, delayed or failed application transactions that support critical business function and more. For example: If you run a company that takes 10,000 credit card sales per hour and congestion on the Internet slows your ability to clear them with your upstream processing provider to 2,500 per hour, what is the impact to your business? Even more importantly, how annoyed will your customers be? The impact on your brand is real!

Compounding the Internet congestion problem is a lack of clear visibility into the infrastructure that you are trying to run your business on. When you’re sitting in on I-680S, parked for two hours just to go 15 miles from your home to your office, you have a really good idea why you’re moving so slowly – you can see it if you look out the window! With the public Internet as your primary means of accessing critical business services, it’s not so simple.  When you’re unable to clear transactions with a critical business partner over the Internet, where do you start looking to try to solve the problem? This is not an easy task.

Decongesting the Internet with direct interconnection

This is why private, dedicated network interconnect capability is absolutely critical to businesses. With Console Connect you have more control over your ability to connect with partners. You have better visibility end-to-end, as do your partners. Add to this the ability to bore new Internet bypass routes on a moment’s notice and you’ve got a world-class, business-critical solution at your fingertips!

The public Internet is a wonderful thing, but let’s face it – it’s really not much more than a best-effort transport medium. The Internet is a great starting point and it gets you up and running cheaply, but there are days when it can be as frustrating as the traffic in LA! Businesses need predictable, reliable and accessible interconnection. As your business becomes more and more reliant on cloud and other service providers, the Internet falls short quickly. It simply isn’t reliable enough to deliver performance consistently. It was never meant to be.

As a side note, SD-WAN over Internet doesn’t really solve these problems. The Internet is still in the mix and as such it comes with the same set of risks. It’s a clever solution to get around the old-school ISPs and their WAN business, but the reality is that it’s just a VPN over Internet service.

Want to see a public Internet bypass in action? Try a free, 30-trial of the Console Platform today, to get a firsthand look at how circumventing the public Internet with direct connections to your mission-critical SaaS and cloud partners is a gamechanger – particularly with the new cloud-to-cloud connectivity capability of CloudNexus.


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