Console Messenger helps ease the strain of coordinating network events

By Adam McFillin March 16, 2017

Console Messenger is a free instant messaging service that provides text communications with any user of the Console platform.

Picture this: A network engineer stands in front of a rack, eyes fixed on their router’s command line, phone wedged between shoulder and ear to free up both hands for typing. They have maintained this pose most of the afternoon, performing urgent service turn-ups, tests and the inevitable troubleshooting – all with a NOC operator and B-end engineer on the line. Not only do the services have to be turned up and proven to be running flawlessly, but they need to be ready for a synchronized cutover later that evening, which means another conference call and another hour or so spent in “engineer’s pose”.

Now contrast the above with an alternate scenario:  The same engineer is logged in to Console, sharing technical detail in real time with other engineers in one Messenger session, while keeping management in the loop in another. Each new connection is configured in a few button clicks, and key stakeholders are kept up to date, all via the Console platform.

Console Messenger helps ease the strain of coordinating network events

Not only does Console Messenger help you reduce the number of lengthy phone calls required to perform routine work, it brings network configuration and related communications together on the same platform. No more switching focus between multiple windows or communication channels (phone, video conference, 3rd party messaging); you simply  focus on the task at hand. Think of the time savings, not to mention the strain on your neck!

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