Customer Case Study: Telna

By Alex Hawkes|14 June, 2021

Discover how the Console Connect platform is providing global cellular connectivity provider Telna with flexible and cost-effective inter-site connectivity, while helping them to more easily on-board new customers to their network.


Telna is a global cellular connectivity provider for more than 22 mobile networks. Once a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) is on the Telna platform, it unlocks value that enables long-term sustainable connectivity for MNOs, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MNVOs), Connectivity Service Providers (CSPs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Telna’s global cellular network is data-centric with a 5G architecture and has multiple data centres worldwide to enable high-performance and low latency data. Telna went to the market to procure an additional high-performance and scalable global IP network for inter-site connectivity.

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Telna provides an end-to-end cloud-native cellular platform to tier 1 MNOs and CSPs. As demand for connectivity solutions has grown across several industry sectors, Telna has seen a significant rise in its global network traffic. The company was looking for a solution to add to its existing inter-site connectivity which was flexible and cost effective.

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In February 2021, Telna deployed four 10G Access Ports at locations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. Using these Access Ports, Telna is able to self-provision virtual connections between its sites.

Through the Console Connect portal, Telna’s network management team can orchestrate connectivity on-demand across PCCW Global’s network; one of the world’s largest private networks. They are also able to easily flex bandwidth up and down to meet all their inter-site connectivity needs. “Until now, you could only access this kind of high-performance network through expensive long-term contracts,” says Gregory Gundelfinger CEO of Telna.

Although Telna currently relies on other IP backbones, one thing that immediately stands out with Console Connect is its flexibility. The Console Connect platform is directly interconnected to more than 450 data centres in over 50 countries worldwide and is already available in each of Telna’s required data centre locations.CC_site-to-site_diagram-01


Although Telna’s journey with Console Connect has just begun, the platform is already proving a unique fit: “The thing that excites us is this is true connectivity-as-a-service. We like the flexibility and cost that the Console Connect platform offers us,” says Gregory.

“We are excited about growing our partnership further with Telna. Through a single Console Connect Access Port, Telna has access to a growing range of on-demand services - that not only help them directly connect to more data centres worldwide, but can also interconnect them with all major cloud providers and a growing ecosystem of SaaS, IoT and other NaaS partners,” says Neil Templeton, VP of Digital Innovation Marketing at PCCW Global.

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