Console and Microsoft Azure: Building an Ecosystem of Direct Connections

By Jef Graham December 14, 2016

At Console, we’re building a worldwide, easy-to-use digital ecosystem that connects enterprises directly with their SaaS and cloud partners, for secure, reliable and interconnected data transfers. That’s why we’re working with the world’s premier cloud vendors to facilitate interconnections to top-of-the-line cloud models. And, it’s why we’re so proud of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft and its Azure cloud platform.

Enterprises rightfully regard Microsoft Azure, the second-largest IaaS platform, as a safe, reliable haven for data storage and cloud computing. Its ExpressRoute service offers a way to direct connect to Azure, circumventing the security and performance issues that so often plague the public internet.

All of which raises the question: if ExpressRoute already offers a direct connection between the enterprise and Azure, why would anyone need Console?

A One-to-Many Connection

Console doesn’t just facilitate a direct connection between an enterprise and the cloud, but multiple direct connections between one enterprise and multiple clouds, or multiple SaaS providers, or multiple other enterprises. These connections allow scores of previously separate parties to establish new, potentially business-critical partnerships, opening the doors to SaaS or cloud platforms that may be better suited to their day-to-day needs.

cloud-on-keyboardThese benefits are especially striking when you combine Console and ExpressRoute. Whereas ExpressRoute establishes a direct connection to Azure, Console takes that connection to the next level, setting up interconnections with other enterprises already connected to Azure. Or, it can enable your mission-critical partners – such as other enterprises or SaaS providers – to connect to Azure through you, and in turn connect with all of those other aforementioned enterprises. Or, Console can help your Azure-connected company link with partners who don’t use Azure. Console’s multi-cloud approach allows for a variety of different direct connections between companies, creating new partnerships out of previously separate parties.

ExpressRoute is a straight line from point A to B. But, Console and ExpressRoute together are a web of overlapping and interconnected lines that dovetail through points A through Z. Best of all, Console’s method is completely automated, taking the complexity out of manual direct connect configurations and making this web of interconnections easier and faster than ever to build.

How Console Works with ExpressRoute

It’s a simple two-step process:

  • From the Azure portal: Add the ExpressRoute circuit, configure the circuit name, select Console as provider, set your peering location and bandwidth, click “Create.”
  • From the Console portal: Enter in your Microsoft ExpressRoute Key, select the appropriate VLAN connection and bandwidth size for your network, then click “Let’s go!” This will install the layer 2 pathway.

And, that’s all! In just a moment, Console will work with ExpressRoute to set up a quick and simple direct connection with Microsoft Azure. Not only does this bypass the inherent security problems and unreliable performance of the public internet, it also gives you complete visibility and control over your bandwidth needs, allowing you to scale up or down whenever necessary, with speeds ranging between 10Mb and 10Gb, depending on your Azure region or availability zone.

Console is a single-click, global interconnection platform building a one-to-many digital ecosystem of enterprises, SaaS providers and cloud platforms. With over 170 PoPs in 20 countries, Console’s worldwide reach is facilitating secure, reliable and cost-effective direct connections, free of the problems of the public internet. To learn more about how the platform works, check it out for yourself or sign up for a free trial today.


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