For XaaS Providers, the Place to Be in 2017 is Console Connect

By Chris Carr April 10, 2017

Console Connect prides itself as the ecosystem hub for enterprises and a wide array of mission-critical partners – from SaaS providers and cloud vendors, to network service and data center providers. We’re particularly excited to announce that our direct connect ecosystem is increasingly becoming the channel of choice for XaaS providers, too. As we recently announced, the Console Connect XaaS ecosystem saw a 130 percent surge in growth in Q1 2017 alone.

To understand this growth in context, let’s back up and break down just what exactly that means – and why Console Connect should be on every XaaS provider’s radar this year.

A Two-in-One Ecosystem

XaaS providers live and die by their ability to offer cost-effective, at-scale solutions for enterprises. But they can only do so if user accessibility to their platforms is more reliable than what their on-premise rivals can promise. The public internet can’t and won’t offer that level of reliability, and it’s hurting XaaS providers. More than that, it’s pushing many of them to find alternatives.

For XaaS Providers, the Place to Be in 2017 is Console Connect

Console Connect offers just such an alternative, with a direct connect ecosystem that provides partners with a two-in-one benefit, combining single-click Layer 3 provisioning to bypass the public internet with a channel to potentially thousands of other enterprises and partner providers, each with their own promise for growth opportunities. It’s a quick, streamlined and cost-efficient way to circumvent the security and performance pitfalls of the public internet, while expanding your reach into an ecosystem of businesses that you may have never connected with before.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Just as exciting as our own ecosystem’s growth are our friends at Scalar and Green House Data, who have come on board to make Console Connect an integral part of their XaaS platforms.

Through Console Connect, Scalar’s StudioCloud as-a-service platform can be accessed by customers without fear of the security or performance risks typically posed by the public internet. Additionally, thanks to the Console platform’s dual role as a channel, Scalar can gain access to thousands of other users and potential customers, in turn shortening their own customer journey and providing a new opportunity for growing their user base.

Similarly, Green House Data is all-in with the Console Connect XaaS Ecosystem, for empowering customers to directly connect to both their own Data cloud and other XaaS providers living on the Console platform, creating, what they call, a “critical value-add to the enterprise.”

The Win-Win-Win Solution

With over 170 PoPs around the world, the Console platform provides enterprises with secure, simple and direct access to a global ecosystem of infrastructure providers, SaaS providers and partners.

With the launch of our new XaaS Ecosystem Partner Program, we’re accelerating the growth of the Console Connect community in 2017 to provide a win-win-win solution for enterprises, cloud-centric service providers and our agent and reseller partners, who all stand to benefit from our two-in-one ecosystem.

To try it out for yourself, sign up today for a free, 30-day trial.


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