All You Need to Know About Data Centre Interconnections

By The Console Connect Team|4 March, 2019


The Internet of Things, 4K video, advertising, social media, and cloud services are all markets seeing exponential growth, driving demand for data center infrastructure and data center interconnection. In order to meet surging demand, the internet content provider community continues to invest in hyperscale data center properties and network operators continue to build out connectivity to and between these data centres.

Data centre traffic

According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, data-centre-to-data-centre traffic will be the fastest growing category at a CAGR of 33 per cent between 2016 and 2021, surpassing both data centre to end user traffic at 25 per cent and traffic within the data centre at 23 per cent.

From an enterprise perspective, the shift of workloads into the public cloud have highlighted the appeal of greater business flexibility and agility delivered as a benefit of on-demand capacity and pay-as-you-go pricing. Business leaders want to reduce TCO and increase the agility and scalability of on-premises storage and compute by extending their data infrastructure to the public cloud.

In the past, the focus has been on increasing capabilities within the data centre and from the data centre to the business. Yet the biggest drivers of increased bandwidth demands are coming in part from the adoption of business software applications being consumed in the public cloud as well as those in the private data centre. This means multiple data centres and multiple public clouds now need to talk to each other, so businesses need to deploy data center interconnection that is flexible and agile.

The network mix has to shift in parallel

What this means in practice is that enterprises are operating not just a mix of public and private clouds but also multiple different public clouds. In terms of connectivity requirements this means the network mix has to shift in parallel, leaving IT and network managers with the challenge of accessing disparate assets across private data centres and multiple public cloud hosts.

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Enterprise data centre infrastructure needs daily management and constant maintenance to handle more complex and resource intensive processes and workloads as well as an efficient and robust data centre interconnect infrastructure. The enterprises also needs data centre interconnect to be flexible, secure, and cost-effective.

Private connections between data centres

It used to be the case that it was too complex, time consuming and expensive to shift data between data centres. But now, given the investment in infrastructure, businesses are now empowered to establish dedicated, private and dependable connections between connected data centres within metros, regionally, nationally and internationally, in just a few clicks. Moreover, with the on-demand nature of services such as Console Connect, you can better manage your workloads between data centres with scalable bandwidth, meaning you only ever use what you need and only ever pay for what you use.

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