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By Alex Hawkes|9 January, 2023

In this blog, Michael Glynn, SVP of Digital Automated Innovation at Console Connect, shares more details on how PartnerConnect can help channel partners tap into new opportunities with Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). 

“You may have heard about the launch of Console Connect’s new partner program PartnerConnect.

PartnerConnect makes it easy and simple for channel agents to partner with one of the world’s fastest growing Network-as-a-Service platforms. Our program provides a number of different ways for channel agents to drive revenue growth and build long-term success with their customers through the Console Connect platform and its range of on-demand connectivity services. 

At the heart of our partner program is Console Connect’s private and on-demand connectivity, which is delivered across our own automated, high-performance global network.

Unlike other NaaS offerings available on the market today, we own the underlying network infrastructure which provides extensive reach across the world. 
What this means for our channel agents is that their clients have access to a best-in-class network that delivers an assured quality of service – the type of which you would only expect from a tier 1 carrier. 

But these services are now available to enterprises in near real-time using a consumption-based model – giving them the flexibility and ease-of-service they would usually get from the world’s leading tech brands.  


Networking needs are changing 

As digital transformation and cloud adoption accelerates globally, many enterprises are reassessing their network model. 

Network flexibility, reliability and performance are becoming more essential to your clients as they look to access a wider ecosystem of business partners, applications and services. 

The public internet is no longer suitable for accessing many of their mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications and workloads. Meanwhile, the speed of technological change means that businesses cannot afford to wait for lengthy service provisioning times or be locked into restrictive contracts that don’t meet their long term needs – which is often the case with traditional private networking offering, such as MPLS. 

Combining performance with flexibility, Console Connect is the simpler and smarter way for you clients to privately connect to clouds, data centres and business partners worldwide.  

During a period of inflation and rising IT costs, the move to a NaaS platform like Console Connect can help your clients drive efficiency, reduce cost and improve overall network performance. 

Once setup on the platform, your clients can instantly quote, provision and manage their connectivity services on-demand in real-time. This means they only pay for the bandwidth they use and can instantly adjust their bandwidth up and down to meet the needs of their business. 

Multiple services are available to your clients through a single Access Port. Whether your client is looking for metro, regional or international connectivity between 900+ data centres in 50 countries, or needing to directly interconnect to clouds, applications and other business partners – there are plenty of options available on Console Connect with real-time pricing and provisioning.

There are also different ways to connect through the platform – your clients, for example, can connect point-to-point using our dedicated Layer 2 service, or their needs maybe better suited to our Layer 3 mesh offering, which is the easier way to manage and route traffic between multiple network endpoints. They can also order our premium internet service directly through the same port, which is delivered via our leading IP Tier 1 network (AS3491) that is ranked in the top 10 globally. 

New on-demand services are being added to Console Connect all the time, and we’ve also got a catalogue of more traditional managed network services that complement the platform, including security and SD-WAN, as well as the ability to bundle connectivity and colocation in over 30 countries. 

Global partnership opportunities 

Since the launch of PartnerConnect in August, we’ve begun working with a number of channel partners, managed services providers, systems integrators and value added resellers worldwide. 

Our program is already helping them extend their service portfolio while at the same time helping their enterprise clients improve their networking.  

Becoming a Console Connect partner gives you access to our dedicated partner portal. There you can find all the technical and commercial support you need to get going – plus lots of great incentives and management tools. 

The program includes training for your sales and marketing teams, and some co-brandable assets to help you take our products easily to the market. 

We pride ourselves on making the complex simple – and so the program has been designed to help you start growing new revenue fast.  

We also pride ourselves on forming partnerships that last. We are just at the beginning of our automation journey and believe that NaaS platforms like ours will fundamentally change the enterprise networking experience for the better. We’d like to bring you along on our journey.  

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